Nervous about Graduation? Don’t worry, Seniors - there are still lots of jobs available!

March 26, 2012


Feel like all your friends have a post graduation plan while you’re left in the dust? Well, you’re not. There are still lots of opportunities available on LionSHARE and beyond.  Keep going and let us help you!

Know that opportunities exist.

  • As of April 6, 2012 there were over 320 full time entry level jobs on LionSHARE! Opportunities are available in industries such as Media, Tech, Non-profit, Finance, Government, Engineering, Social Justice.  
  • Alumni and employers are posting new positions daily, so be sure to set up a Job Agent to keep track of new postings. Remember that LionSHARE is just one place to find jobs. Use other source such as, professional association job boards, and LinkedIn to support your search.

Create your plan for after graduation with a little help from your friends at CCE.

  • Counselors help you to focus on next steps post graduation, whether that means a full time job, part time job, fellowship, graduate school, or an internship. Schedule an appointment by calling 212-854-5609.
  • 30-minute counseling appointments and walk-ins (M-F from 1pm to 4pm) are available with little to no wait time. 
  • Tailor your resume & cover letter, practice interviewing or even chat with us on how to enhance your LinkedIn profile.
  • Need to borrow a suit for a meeting with a prospective employer? Check out CCE’s clothing closet.

Become an industry insider.

  • Put together a list of organizations you would love to work for (both large and small) using Vault, Wetfeetindustry resources or even local directories. Check their web sites for upcoming deadlines or explore their leadership programs.
  • Register for or update your profile on LionSHARE and apply to positions inside and outside of the On Campus Recruiting Program.
  • Regularly check out the web sites of professional associations, industry job boards, industry publications, and more. You’ll find invaluable tips/advice, networking opportunities and job postings just for you.
  • Meet people in your field of interest and reconnect with past employers and other contacts. Show your genuine interest and people will notice.

Taking a year off before graduate school or want to go abroad? Check out some of our resources.

Keep good notes and get your rest.

  • Schedule half-an-hour per day to work on and keep track of your job search process.  Don’t wait until the weekend to start. Consistency matters.
  • Track your job search using MS Excel spreadsheets or Jibberjobber and keep your applications targeted and up! Remember it’s about finding the right match, not just anyone, to hire you.
  • If one to two weeks pass after you’ve applied to a position and you haven’t heard back, be sure to follow up to reiterate your interest. You might also search for alumni working in the organization to learn more about the culture of the site and build a connection.
  • Take care of yourself. It’s a number one priority. Make time for friends, family, and other activities that are going to help you relax. Employers want to hire friendly, confident, and personable candidates, so being in the right frame of mind is a big part of the job search. Check out the Ask Alice posting for more on this.