Tech talents come together to connect at Columbia 

On Friday, October 4, 2019, the Center for Career Education welcomed 38 employers to Alfred Lerner Hall for the third annual Tech Connect event.


Employers represented all different sizes of an organization, geographic locations, and even types of industries. From tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and HBO, to smaller or startup organizations like Jun Group and Cedar, there was representation from varied tech firms.

Students and employers talking at round table

Resume-free zone

Tech Connect is different than a standard career fair. There are no six-foot tables, no suits, and students rotate tables on the 15-minute mark. Why no resumes at a networking event? Both students and employers have said that not focusing on resumes and recruiting facilitates more meaningful conversations. At Tech Connect, the discussion is focused on the work and culture at the organization. Our guiding principle for the event is to avoid asking questions that can be answered by looking on their website or in LionSHARE! 

“It was great to interact with students in a relaxed, resume-free setting.” — 2019 employer attendee


Over 450 students representing Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Graduate School of Arts and Science and the School of General Studies joined to learn more about the work and culture at these organizations. 91% of employers stated they were satisfied with the quality of the candidates that they met with throughout the day. Of the 450 students attending, over 240 were in the Computer Science or Electrical Engineering departments. 

Group conversation around the table.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Tech connect? 

Even if you’re not currently searching for a full-time role or an internship, Tech Connect is a great place to learn more about the ins-and-outs of the tech opportunities. Consider it a quick and efficient way to conduct informational interviews!

“The career fairs were great but this was honestly something special. Especially as a sophomore still exploring my interests, this was super super helpful. The more casual attire, no-resume policy, and “don’t ask anything that could be found online” rule made this so much more productive.” — 2019 student attendee