Many students participated this summer in the Columbia Experience Overseas, Science, Technology and Engineering Program, and the Columbia College Alumni-Sponsored Student Internship Program. From Amman to Hong Kong to here in New York City, students gained experience in internships, research and working with mentors.  In each case, they also had the chance to reflect on their opportunity. 

Cultural Experiences

One of the many benefits to the Columbia Experiences Overseas program is that you are immersed in a completely different culture alongside your peers in the program. 

“Not only do you get to work in an international setting, but you also get to explore a new city, country, and region of the world. Furthermore, you are not a tourist during your time abroad. You get to live like a local and fully experience the culture and lifestyle of the city you will be living in.”- Justin Boguslavsky, CEO Seoul ‘18

Justin Boguslavsky spent his summer in the CEO Seoul program while interning at a startup. Not only was he developing new skills in his internship, but he was also trying plenty of new foods, and even joined a local rugby team. Check out his blog to learn more about his eight weeks in Seoul.

Making an impact

Our sponsored internship programs range in industries and also job function.  Our students have made an impact in a variety of sectors including education, non-profits, and law. Justin Holiman was a part of CCASSIP and interned at Legal Outreach where he taught 24 middle-school and high schoolers about criminal law. 

“For the first time, these students were learning about their rights, the reality of limitations to those rights, and how to study to, one day, fight to protect those rights”- Justin Holiman, CCASSIP ‘18

You can read more about his internship at Legal Outreach in his reflection essay.


Each student in our internship programs is connected to alumni who are excited to learn more about students’ career paths, interests, and backgrounds. Elise Fuller participated in the Columbia Experience Overseas program in London, which connects each student to mentors who are Columbia alums that live and work in that specific city. Mentors can help with career guidance, internship tips, or even just advice on how to enjoy that city for eight weeks. Many mentors and mentees stay in touch long after the program concludes.

“Your mentor can really be a valuable asset for you if you take the time to reach out to them and form a relationship. I think that simply focusing on your internship or the location can pigeon hole you into thinking in only one way, but allowing your mentor to give you advice and a broader perspective on work and life can really make you value your internship opportunity and prepare yourself for potential positions in the future.”- Elise Fuller, CEO London ‘18

Elise shared more about her travels and her internship at Dartmouth Partners in her reflection blog.

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