Students Reflect on their Journeys in Experiences Supported by CCE Funding Programs

After the Summer Funding Program, students are able to reflect on their experience participating in unpaid or low-paid summer internships related to their career pursuits and/or academic studies. In this reflection, students shared how they used or further developed Columbia College’s core competencies. Below are some of the highlights from students.

 Civic and Individual Responsibility

“Interning for the NY Attorney General’s Office showed me how intimately a government and constituent can interact and the very salient difference that the law can make in someone’s life when it is used to defend justice.” – Parima Kadikar, CC ‘20

Teamwork and Collaboration

“I heavily relied upon teamwork and collaboration to succeed and learn in my summer internship. In the field of research, it is impossible for any one person to have all the requisite skills and knowledge. Open discussion and collaboration is necessary at every level of doing research, from providing the conceptual background and forming the hypothesis to writing the code and completing surgeries. This interaction is vital for carrying out experiments and makes this work all the more fulfilling.” – David Park, CC ‘21

Community Engagement and Inclusion

“The opportunity to teach underserved ninth grade boys all summer provided me with a chance to introduce them to the world of law and professionalism. On the other hand, they taught me to better listen and appreciate viewpoints I may never have experienced. Together, these experiences encouraged me to always listen to what others have to say because a single person only understands the world from his particular vantage point.” – Justin Holiman, CC ‘20

Global Awareness

“When I volunteered in Guatemala City this summer, it was the first time I had ever stayed abroad for an extended period of time, and the first time I had traveled abroad by myself. I found that keeping an open mind and taking advantages of opportunities to both collaborate professionally and develop friendships with the teachers, staff and volunteers with whom I worked enabled me to experience life in Guatemala not just as volunteer or traveler, but also as a member of a much larger community wholly committed to providing quality education and social services to at-risk children and families.” – Eva Farkas, CC ‘20

“My summer internship with the United Nations Development Programme in Kosovo gave me invaluable experience in Global Awareness. I gained firsthand insight into the political tensions and social attitudes of the Balkan region, and witness the challenges of recovery in a post-war environment.” – Sabrina Chen, CC ‘20

Where will the Journey Take You?

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