As we all continue to be buffeted by COVID-19–themed news, it can be useful to think of ways to ground ourself admist the chaos. To stay grounded, you may be prioritizing your wellness or finding ways to practice gratitude.

Giving Back Through Volunteering

Another way you do this is by giving back to others through volunteering. If you have the capacity, volunteering can be a great way get involved and stay busy. What’s more, giving to others can help you find a sense of power and calm when things are uncertain.

Columbia Iniatives: How to GET INVOLVED

Whether you’re in New York or back at home, there are lots of ways you can work with your Columbia family to support COVID-19 research and relief efforts. This list of volunteer opportunities can help you build experience while also making a difference for our community.

Or join Hearts Over Hands, a volunteer organization started by Anna Beloborodova CC’21, to match University students with families in need of childcare. 

New York Initiatives: Virtual and in-person opportunities

Looking for ways to help out with NY-specific causes?

Review this list from Volunteer New York for opportunities to volunteer from home. You can also find volunteer opportunities aligned with your schedule and the issues you care about via New York Cares. On Help Now NYC, learn how you can help New Yorkers affected by the pandemic.

United States Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re interested in less of a local approach:

International opportunities to give back

With COVID-19 affecting people across the globe, there’s no shortage of ways to help out—even on an international scale. 

These organizations and volunteer platforms can help you begin your search for your best-fit volunteer experience:

Remember to Take Care of Yourself First

During this time, everyone’s capacity and needs are different. So first and foremost, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your family.

And remember: as you figure it out, we will continue to navigate your career together.