Take Full Advantage of LinkedIn by Joining LinkedIn Groups 

By Tracy McGarry and Cathy Gibbons, Alumni Career Development 

So by now, you’ve probably heard someone mention LinkedIn before. You may even have a profile. However, if you haven’t started joining LinkedIn groups, you still haven’t been getting the most out of your LinkedIn account!

Below are 5 benefits to joining groups on LinkedIn:

1.) LinkedIn Groups are one of the fastest ways to build your network

Once you join a group, you become connected to the entire membership. You can find interesting people you may not have had access to through your existing network. Most importantly, you’ll be able to message them directly!

2.) Groups can provide insider access to industry knowledge, trends, and Opportunities

Since groups are topical, members post information of interest to the specific group. You might even find a hot tip on a job opening or an interesting event. When you like or comment on a member’s post, you create a closer connection to that person. It’s a great way to keep up with what is going on in your areas of interest. 

3.) By Posting Articles, You Can showcase your Industry knowledge and expertise

It’s a great first step in creating your own online professional identity, building credibility, and becoming known as a thought leader in your professional field. If you like blogging, you will also learn about other sites where you can continue to build your online presence.

4.) Groups provide a community of industry experts, just a click away

You can raise questions and start discussions with colleagues in your field. You can even utilize your LinkedIn community to share ideas and information on a topic that might help you to solve problems in your work.

5.) It’s easier to fill open positions and find new opportunities

As you get to know members through their posts, you may find someone who would be a great fit for your company. Likewise, if you actively participate in the group, someone may identify you as a great candidate for their company!

Join the Columbia Career Connections group today to make sure you’re making the most of your LinkedIn. On Columbia Career Connections and the Columbia Alumni Association Network, you will find career articles that will be helpful to you throughout your working life and be able to connect with current students and Columbia alumni.