A group of first-year students spent time during spring break job shadowing at various companies in the tri-state area as part of the Columbia Exploration Externship program. To cap off the week, these students had a chance to visit two employers for an insiders look at what it’s like to work at the company. We wanted to give you some insight into what the employers shared!



Point72 is a global asset management company that uses long/short strategies to invest in their eight offices across the world. The company currently has $13 billion in assets and they are soon moving to Hudson Yards in New York City. 

Part of the highlights from our visit was an overview of Point72’s Academy program which was started in 2015 as a way for individuals to get trained in investing right after graduation. The academy takes place immediately after graduation and lasts 10 months. The first part of the academy is in a classroom setting where topics such as corporate finance and statistics are taught by the firm. They even go into training on creating a thesis on a specific stock before a stock pitch. 

After the academic side of the academy, program members will enter into the final several months in the program rotating to different teams at the organization. At the end of the academy, individuals will learn if they’ve received a return offer for a full-time role at the organization.

Before applying for the Academy, the employer shared that these other opportunities:

  • Global Case Competition- A stock pitch competition open for first-years, sophomores, and juniors. 
  • Summit and Future of Finance Symposium- Open to sophomores, a full day event in April
  • Summer Analyst positions- 10-week internships open to juniors (rising seniors)


Point72 stressed the importance of passion and humility during the interview process. Many of their successful candidates in the past did not major in economics or statistics, but were able to showcase a real passion for successful results in other areas ranging from English to research. 

Not sure if you’re interested enough in investing yet to apply? The company’s representatives recommended picking two specific stocks for practice and following it for six months. What makes it go up and down in value? How do the earnings reports affect the stock price? This will help simulate the life of asset management on a smaller scale. Reading the Wall Street Journal and reading websites like MarketWatch can help build knowledge as well.


DoSomething.org is a non-profit digital platform powering offline action. Through the use of different digital platforms, DoSomething.org helps mobilize young people to volunteer, create social change or engage in a civic action campaign that leads to real-world impact. DoSomething members have contributed to the following causes: “Teens for Jeans,” “Power to the Period,” “Grandparents Gone Wired” and more. 

Perhaps the most impactful portion of our visit was a Q&A session with various members of the DoSomething.org team. While enjoying some pizza, students heard from the Finance and Operations Manager, Software Engineer, Senior Campaign Strategist and Business Development Manager about each of their journeys and what led them to DoSomething.org. Each of these employees emphasized the value of transferrable skills and its impact on their success as employees at DoSomething.org because they did not pursue related majors in college. In fact, the Software Engineer we met described himself as a “student of YouTube” because he is a self-taught engineer. 

To learn more about opportunities at DoSomething.org, check out their careers page