Our Employer Relations team recently spoke with many of the largest financial service firms, also referred to as bulge bracket banks, and they have notified us that they are changing the recruiting timelines for 2019 summer internship hiring. At this time, the majority if not all, summer 2018 internship positions have been filled within the large bulge bracket banks.

Which roles will be affected?

The effected internship positions listed the below. You may also hear these roles referred to as “front office positions.”

  • Investment Banking
  • Sales & Trading
  • Research (equity & debt)
  • Capital Markets
  • Asset Management (Wealth Management)

“Back office positions” — such as Risk & Compliance and Technology — will most likely be filled later in the summer and into the fall of 2018.

Changes to the recruitment timeline

The recruiting timeline has shifted and will now begin several months earlier. Firms will seek to recruit students (typically sophomores) during this Spring & Summer 2018 in order to fill their Summer 2019 intern class. The diagram below illustrates the new timeline.

*We strongly encourage you to visit firm websites for specific, up-to-date information on the process, upcoming events, and application time frame.

Next steps:

If you are interested in applying for these roles, we encourage you to connect with the firms in a variety of ways.

  1. Review LionSHARE for internship postings and upcoming events being held on campus and off campus.
  2. Look through Insider Info to learn about the bank-specific information we have gathered.
  3. Join student group list-serves & follow student group Facebook events to know when firms are on campus.
  4. Review our Finance Industry page and review our Diversity Programs page for more information on the internships.
  5. Review firm websites for up-to-date recruitment timelines and Columbia-specific events.
  6. Network with Columbia alumni — make connections and ask for informational interviews via LinkedIn.


Have questions?


We are here to support you in your internship search. We understand that you will likely have questions on how to apply and prepare your materials.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our career counselors to review your application documents and discuss your plan for applying. You can schedule an appointment via LionSHARE. You may also speak with representatives from our Employer and Alumni Relations team about specific processes and timelines.

In addition to the bulge bracket opportunities described above, LionSHARE is an excellent resource for internship and full time job postings with other finance companies and across a variety of other industries. We encourage you to fully incorporate LionSHARE into your search process.