Insights from our Employer & Alumni Relations Team

Our team has been working to meet with companies in the engineering and technology sectors to learn more about their opportunities and industry trends. Given the changes in the economy and job market, it’s important to learn about updates in different industries and learn more about company plans for the upcoming year. 

Tech Industry Updates - 

The tech industry has proved to be one of the most agile industries in the job market as many companies were quick to move internships and full-time jobs to remote opportunities this summer. You may have seen the reports from Twitter and Square that many full-time employees will have the opportunity to work from home permanently.  

The overall trend is that tech companies are looking forward to connecting with students through fall workshops and interviews, but the majority of recruiting programming will be virtual until at least January 2021. 

Employer Highlights

  • Walmart: Walmart considers Columbia one of the best schools to recruit from for their technical positions. They plan on participating in on-campus interviews at the end of September, starting with a tech talk, and a networking event.
    • Each applicant to their postings in LionSHARE will receive a link to their technical assessment. They pride themselves on quality opportunities in software engineering with a low cost of living in Arkansas!
  • Capital One: Capital One will focus on its Technology Development & Internship programs this upcoming fall, with on-campus interviews taking place at the beginning of October.
    • With office locations ranging from Wilmington, Delaware, to Boston, to New York, students have plenty of opportunities to learn more about different offices! 
  • FanDuel: FanDuel may be a newer relationship for us here at Columbia, but that just makes us even more excited about the possibilities! The online fantasy sports company launched in 2009 and is looking to engage with Columbia students as soon as they can.

Engineering Industry Updates - 

The engineering industry is one of the largest and most complex industries out there. The global pandemic certainly caused growing pains in many companies in the industry as many projects were halted due to stay at home orders. However, this industry is still moving ahead with their recruiting plans. 

Employer Highlights

  • Shawmut Design and Construction- Shawmut Design and Construction has consistently been a stellar partner with Columbia by participating in on-campus interviews and career fairs in the past. They also make their Diversity and Inclusion efforts a top priority.
  • Pfizer- Pfizer’s various divisions of research are looking to engage Columbia students through internship opportunities. Be on the lookout for upcoming part-time internships for the 2020-2021 academic year.
    • Some of these internships will last as long as six months during the academic year. 
  • RJH Consultants- Based out of Denver, this design firm specializes in water resources engineering.
    • They’re very active in posting their positions in LionSHARE throughout the year. 

 More Industry Insights 

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