We kicked off the Networking from Home series with a diverse set of professionals in the startup space. Our guests represented startups including GrowSquares, Ella & Oak, FlyLouie, Zero Energy Solutions, Tatch.

The session began with rapid-fire questions to get to know the organizations and professionals and then there were three rounds of breakout sessions focusing on skills, networking, and organizational culture.

Key panel takeaways

Q: What from your time in college helps you as a professional today?

A: Participation in extracurricular activities and cultivating leadership skills through those activities are incredibly valuable in the startup space which requires initiative and problem-solving. 

Q: What mistake taught you your biggest lesson?

A: You don’t have to know everything. Ask questions, be curious. If you cannot ask questions the solution will take so much longer to find. Communication is key and did we mention… ask questions!

Tips from breakout rooms

These themes came up in our breakout room discussions with employer guests.

  • Flexibility in the startup space is key!
  • Go to industry meetups and be visible on Linkedin — be kind and check in on your network regularly
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to people with questions
  • Learn about people as it can make the business better and more fun
  • The startup space is about connection.  Relationships are gold.
  • Strive for excellence by doing things because they are the right things to do.

Ready to get to networking?

Here are some resources to build this practice, 3 Best Uses of LinkedIn and What is Networking, and Why Do You Need to Do It?