This past December, Columbia College excitedly announced a $6 million gift from Mary Kathryn and Alexander Navab (CC ‘87) which established the Navab Fellowship Program. This program managed by the Center for Career Education will build upon and elevate what was formerly the Columbia College Alumni-Sponsored Student Internship Program (CCASSIP).

So what’s this all mean and why are you so darn excited?

Through the gracious commitment of Columbia College alumni, the program will connect CC students to summer internships in a wide variety of industries with opportunities across New York, the United States, and the globe at organizations where there is a connection to CC alumni. In addition to the internship itself, the program will provide fellowship awards to cover the cost of living for students in lawfully unpaid or low paid experiences and will provide work exemptions for student tuition contributions for all participants on financial aid.

Alright, you’ve piqued my interest. Is there anything else?

In order to support your success at the internship over the summer, students interning through the Navab Fellowship Program will participate in professional development training and advising through CCE.  You will have the opportunity to discuss internship best practices, set professional goals, troubleshoot common workplace challenges, and reflect on your experience using the framework of My Columbia College Journey. The program will also connect you to Columbia College alumni through the Odyssey Mentoring Program.

This all sounds great but what types of opportunities are available through the program?

We’re so happy you asked. There’s an extremely diverse set of internships being offered through the program. This summer Navab Fellows will find themselves in roles ranging from Law-Related Education Coordinator with Legal Outreach, Research and Communications Intern with Marathon Strategies, Private Equity Intern with TZP Group, Laboratory Research Intern with the Hospital for Special Surgery, Academic Success Fellow with Project Rousseau, Intern in the Chambers of Judge Joseph A. Greenaway, Non-Profit Theater Intern with The Tank, and many more. 

I’m all in! But how do I apply?

Navab Fellowship Program internships are all posted on LionShare and you can find them by typing “Navab Fellowship Program” in the job search filter “labeled by your school”. Positions are posted now, and there will be many more added through the early part of the semester. The deadline for many positions is February 10th so don’t wait to check out what’s being offered! You can schedule an appointment or drop by CCE’s Quick Questions to have your resume, cover letter, and any other application materials reviewed. 

I Have more Questions!

Have questions? Contact Navab Fellowship Program Manager, Laura Maltz, at