This year’s Diversity Micro Career Fair had 27 employers in attendance, including CB Partners, L’Oreal, Bank of America, Vanguard, Sotheby’s, and The D.E. Shaw Group. 

These companies recruited for a range of opportunities and highlighted their diversity initiatives. Over 200 conversations occurred between employers and student attendees, discussing DEI initiatives in the workplace.

Regardless of whether or not you were able to attend the event, these next steps will help you further assess diversity initiatives in the workplace. You will also find additional Diversity Recruitment Programs you can still apply to!

How to Assess Diversity Initiatives in the Workplace

Continue Your Research

After the event, review your notes from your interactions. Do you have additional questions to ask? You can still research companies you met with to learn more and make informed decisions about the company and their organizational culture.

As you explore options, we recommend compiling this information in an easy-to-access spreadsheet. This will create an easy-to-reference overview and save you lots of time during your internship or job search!


Next, reflect on the information you gathered to assess organizational culture and inclusivity, and further narrow down your target list of companies.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the organizational or industry culture align with your values when it comes to your career and place of work?
  • Do they offer programs that match their diversity statements?
  • Do you think you would be good at this job? Would you get to use your top strengths?
  • Do you meet the qualifications (education, skills, experience) for current opportunities? What skills or experiences, if any, might you want to further build to prepare for such a role?

We’ve compiled additional questions, resources, and strategies for assessing organizational culture for inclusivity on our Info For Pages.

This information will also help in follow-up after the event. 


After any event or meeting, it’s important to send a tailored follow-up email. You want to highlight your specific skills and what you spoke about to help you stand out and remind them of your conversation. It’s also important to reiterate your interest in working for their company, specifically, and how their values align with yours.

Additional Diversity Recruitment Programs!

We’ve also listed some diversity recruitment programs at organizations that may not have participated in this year’s fair. You can also search LionSHARE for more.

As always, please feel free to schedule a career counseling appointment to discuss your individual internship/job search strategy in more detail.