What is a “coffee chat”?

Sometimes employers decide to host more informal conversations to get to know you, learn about your background, and provide information about the organization. This could include company culture or job and internship opportunities. These information meetings can be called coffee chats or informational interviews.

You may see coffee chats listed in LionSHARE - these can be found under the On-Campus Interviews tab listed as coffee chats or in the events section. Be sure to review the entire posting to see what is required to participate, this could be a resume in LionSHARE or filling out a google doc. 

Coffee chats can take place at CCE, a coffee shop on campus (such as Joe’s) or near the employer’s office.

How should I prepare?

Great question! You’ll want to research the company. You can start with the company website, LionSHARE and LinkedIn, as well as Vault and other industry resources. 

You should also think of some questions to show you have done your research, learn more about the organization, and keep the conversation going. Here are some great questions to get you started. 

What should I wear?

Business casual is always a safe bet, but take a look at the company website, review the materials provided or connect with an alum to learn more.

For additional questions stop by for a 15-minute Quick Question session Monday through Friday 2-4pm at CCE!