AMP Industry Showcase Panelists Speak to How Work is Evolving in a Changing Media Landscape 

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations (PR) are fast-paced, creative and rigorous industries that involve a mix of skills. Building relationships, analyzing data, predicting trends, and innovative thinking are crucial to staying ahead of the curve to ensure your client’s products and services are seen by the right people.  

At CCE’s AMP Industry Showcase in early December, panelists representing Small Girls PR, Peppercomm, and IPG Mediabrands discussed these and other qualities that make strong candidates at their respective companies. With an emphasis on the digital trends shaping the industry, they discussed the ever-shifting nature of their work and the importance of curiosity, flexibility, and leadership experience in securing a role in the field.

During the networking portion of the event 35+ students networked with representatives from nine companies spanning the industry:

Trends in the Media Landscape

Writing has changed

While writing is still a necessary and valuable skill, panelists agreed that when it comes to Advertising, Marketing & PR, the main avenue for sharing content is through video and images. Consumers are more likely to receive information online versus print and through viewership rather than reading lengthy articles. As a result, writing styles have shifted to accommodate to this new wave of consumption by individuals who have transitioned to digital media and reading in shorter chunks (think a brief couple of paragraphs versus a page-long article). Writing is no longer the main way to share content with consumers; however, writing is still very important on the back end within an organization.

Make clients part of the story to earn coverage

Small Girls PR CEO and Co-founder Mallory Blair spoke about trends she has seen in promoting clients through “gamifying” content and finding ways to make the client newsworthy, rather than through the more traditional approach of buying airtime. PR representatives embrace the challenge of earning placement and coverage creatively through innovative campaigns to pique journalist and consumer interest. Some bloggers have become famous in their own right and are now trendsetters and influencers. Drawing their attention can lead to big dividends. 

Forget Work-Life balance — it’s all about Work-Life Integration

Social media demands attention 24/7, so how do people in AMP manage to have a personal life? Peppercomm, IPG and Small Girl Panelists agreed that Work-Life Balance looks more like Work-Life Integration, where work and life blend into each other. Being within the Media, Marketing & PR industries, what is going on in the world/your life IS your work! Mallory enthusiastically encouraged students to bring your passions from outside of the office into the office and vice versa.  She described how new moms on her staff have pitched pieces on millennial motherhood. This allows them to research a topic that is personally important and professionally relevant.

“Bring your passions from outside of the office into the office and vice versa”

Thus things learned at work can help your personal life and your personal interests can enhance work projects. Danielle from IPG agreed that millennial workers in AMP integrate work and life. Your work friends are your friends, and you “bring your life to work”, while baby boomers and Xers had ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ — “but now your LIFE is your child.”

Companies try to ease this challenge through perks on the job such as manicures, beer gardens, softball teams, and even book clubs.

What Can make You successful

Have a wide variety of topics you’re interested in? That’s great! Keeping your curiosity piqued for a range of interests and topics helps you stay engaged within the industry and can help you be successful. Additionally, panelists emphasized the importance of being able to “connect-the-dots” and form connections about what is happening within the world and media, and on staying flexible and adaptable. Be ok with not being able to get to everything on your “to-do” list if that means doing research on and solidifying a relationship with a client. Set tangible, realistic goals for yourself on what you want to accomplish and don’t be afraid to make it known!

This event couldn’t have happened without the collaboration of Columbia Women’s Business Society (CWBS). 

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