As you continue to expand  and deepen your network during this time, your messaging might change slightly.

That’s all right.

While you will still want to make sure that your message is authentic, clear, and concise, now it’s even more important to remember to first connect on a human level. Keep in mind that  the current situation has impacted us all. We recommend acknowledging this before asking to set up a virtual call. 

Below is an outline to help you get started:

Sample Outreach Outline: 

Dear (Recipient Name),

The Intro 1–4 sentences 

Connect on a human level (we are all going through an unprecedented time, acknowledge it and check in!) Who Are You; What you have in common with this person (if applicable); What excites you about this  person (Why them? Be brief and specific. This can showcase your research, insight drawn from their LinkedIn profile, or interest in their type of work/company)

The Ask  1–2 sentences

Beyond asking if this person is open to speaking or meeting virtually with you, provide context. What would you like to learn from them?

Closing 1 sentence

This is simple, a short phrase like “I hope to hear from you soon.”

Thank you,

(Your Name)

But it doesn’t end after send…

When sending these messages to connect, be sure to keep track of your outreach. 

As people continue to navigate a new normal there is a going on and it’s possible that they may miss your message. Tracking can help you remember who you’ve reached out to and when. If you’ve reach out to someone and they don’t respond within a couple of weeks, you’ll  know that it’s time to follow up on your message. 

For more tips and tricks 

Check out our messaging template in our career planning guide, Design Your Next Steps or schedule a career counseling appointment.