Ever wonder how you look + sound during an interview?

Or have you received a company interview invitation via HireVue or some other video platform and wondered how to prepare?  

If so, check out some of our career counselors’ favorite features on Big Interview, a free online practice interview platform, that provides an opportunity for a convenient “look in the mirror” available at your fingertips.

The practice mock interviews on Big Interview allow you to record and review your answers so that you can assess how you come across to an interviewer and prepare ahead of time!

Feature #1: TIMING + DELIVERY 

Test the clarity and pacing of your speech.

  • How’s your speed: Are you talking too fast or too slow? 
  • How’s your content length: Do you not have enough details (<1min) or are you rambling (>3min)? 

The average story length sweet spot target: ~2 minutes

Feature #2: CONTENT

The best answer to an interview question is telling a short story of your accomplishment and skills.

Craft your “story” content with these Big Interview resource features:

  • Learn Module: Video library of tutorial answer strategies.  
  • Practice Module: Answer Builder: A saved personal journal of your accomplishment stories to which you can apply the S.T.A.R. story framework


By effectively communicating competencies anchored in accomplishments, you help an employer better understand how your IQ, EQ, and personality fits the position, role, and company culture. 

  • Practice Module: By Competency features a listing of ~20 core skillsets with questions to prompt your accomplishment story brainstorming. 
  • Practice Module: By Industry provides question sets of top competencies associated with particular positions or roles that help you strategize how to approach and tailor your accomplishment stories.

Practice common interview questions and listen to your answers so that you’re prepared for any variation! 

Our main takeaways…

Big Interview is a convenient warm up as you interview for jobs, graduate school, and professional networking.

For all of the visual learners out there, check out a quick tutorial of our favorite features!