As you think about summer plans, check out these 6 tips for navigating your summer job with confidence:

1) Be present

Got the commuting blues? Be sure to leave yourself an extra 15 minutes for your daily commute.

This should save you on those extra special days when no one holds the train doors for you and there are signal problems and a pigeon jumps in front of the train.

Also, be sure to keep schedule change requests to a minimum. Summer jobs are often short term experiences so you only have so much time to make a good first impression.

2) Utilize downtime well

Have some extra time at work? Rather than Instagramming your lunch, try to stay off your phone.

Is there reading or research about the organization or industry you can do? Have ideas about how to make things better? Jot down some project ideas to propose to your boss at your next meeting.

2) Consider communication

Sent that first email to our team before noticing you forgot a subject line? Email fail!

Take time to double check that you have a greeting, closing, subject line, and that your email is typo frow…!

3) Create a drama-free zone

Got your drama fill from Keeping Up With the Kardashians this weekend?

Avoid office drama, remain neutral if conflicts arise between co-workers, and don’t get involved in office gossip.

4) Be available

Be the go-to person in your office for more than your unlimited supply of orange Tic Tacs.

Introduce yourself to everyone and be available to help others.

5) Get to know your co-workers

Sure your co-worker loves cats (weird!), but what else do you know about them, their career path, and current work?

Be intentional about taking time to ask co-workers about their experiences.

6) Find a buddy

Your mom thinks you’re great. And likely your co-workers do too.

Find someone who is friendly and approachable that can be your go-to person for little things like how the heck to get the copier to stop making that whirring noise.

We’re here all summer!

Have a great summer, and don’t forget that we’re here to help you navigate anything that should arise. 

You can make in-person, phone, or virtual appointments all summer long via LionSHARE.