On April 5th, the Center for Career Education’s lounge transformed into a bustling networking event, launching the Graduate Student Career Development team’s inaugural: Career Meet up for Master’s in the Social Sciences and Humanities event. Students and professionals engaged in meaningful conversations discussing their career paths, interests, and opportunities.

Master's Meetup Alumni and Students Networking

25 alumni and professionals connect with crowd of students

The event brought together over 30 current Master’s students in the Humanities and Social Sciences, with 25 alumni/ industry experts from various Humanities and Social Sciences fields such as Arts & Curation, Communications, Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, and Sustainability.  Alumni and professionals from companies such as ACLU, AW AsiaHuman Rights WatchJetBlue, Sotheby’s, the Clinton Foundation, and UN Women spoke about their roles and experiences, helping current students further identify and learn more about their career goals and interests. The majority of professionals, now leaders in their respective fields, discussed the importance of internships. Many began their careers with an internship that turned into a full-time role.

Students and Alumni Talking


Networking can seem overwhelming, but our student attendees had positive experiences and would recommend these events to a friend: 

  • The thing about these events is that you make great professional connections with the people in the room, but additionally, you never know who these networkers know. Meeting one person doesn’t limit you to one new connection.
  • I would encourage all of my peers in my program to come to these events.
  • This is a great event, the networkers were really interesting. There were a lot of career changers that shared their story.

Thank you so much for a great event last night and for introducing me to so many professionals in one room. They provided useful advice and it was fun!

Students and Alumni Networking


It’s important to remember that while networking takes time and effort, and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone, the benefits certainly outweigh the initial discomfort. It’s important to note, over 70% of jobs are gotten through networking. If you’re interested in building your networking skills, please check out some of the tips shared at the event.

Alumni and Students

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