#CUatWORK is back!

This is our second year of the #CUatWork campaign, our effort started to celebrate graduating students’ accomplishments and increase awareness on how varied the job search can be.

In an effort to collect your amazing post-graduations plans, we take to campus and solicit your stories. Whether it’s the General Studies Graduation Kickoff or tabling in East Campus for the CCE Senior Celebration, we are hitting the road to hear what you’ll be doing beyond Columbia.

Here’s where you come in!

If you or your friends landed post-graduation plans through on-campus interviewing, LionSHARE, networking, interning, career fairs, or any other way, we want to hear about it! Email us at cce-photos@columbia.edu telling us where your next chapter will be and how you got the opportunity. We’ll arrange a time to have your photo taken and feature you in our 2017 campaign!