Frequently Asked Questions about the CEO Internship Program


Can I apply for more than one internship?
Yes. For CEO, you may apply for up to a total of eight (8) positions across all program cities.

If I want to apply for more than one internship, do I have to submit an application for each one?
Yes! In order to be competitive as a candidate, we strongly encourage you to tailor your resume and cover letter according to the requirements, anticipated skills sets, and nuances of each position. Please be sure to review the application process carefully.

Is there a language requirement for participation in CCE's international internship programs?
In general, no. If an internship employer requests specific language abilities, this criterion will be stated on the job description. Please be sure to highlight any relevant language skills and your proficiency level in your application.

Can I speak to the student who interned at a particular company last year?
Once you have been contacted by the employer for an interview, if the former intern is willing and able, we are happy to help facilitate this introduction. Keep in mind, though, that our internship organizations change year to year, and so you might be the first to interview with that employer!

What kinds of program activities are organized during the internship period?
CCE helps to coordinate an intern dinner towards the start of your program, as well as an alumni-mentor event to facilitate networking. Program mentors may plan additional social and cultural activities. CCE also provides pre-program professional skills training and post-program reflection sessions to help students understand, appreciate and articulate their experiences.

Is housing provided?
CCE arranges and provides housing for our international locations. You are required to live in designated housing with other Columbia interns as part of any international internship.

Are the internships paid?
Salary varies by employer, organization and location. Keep in mind that internship salaries are typically never high; the value is in the opportunity to build skills, gain work experience, make professional connections and learn about an industry. Please review our budgeting guide to plan for your internship.

If I am selected for an unpaid internship, how can I cover the cost of my living and travel expenses?
There are a number of funding resources available such as the Alumni & Parent Internship Fund, Work Exemption Program, Departmental Grants and Non-Columbia Affiliated Funding. Limited funding is available through CCE to students who qualify for need-based financial aid at Columbia. CCE works with Financial Aid to determine which students qualify, and allocates funding to help students cover the cost of flights and, for international programs, visas.

Am I eligible to apply if I am studying abroad?
Yes. If you will be abroad during the spring semester, please indicate that in your cover letter. Make sure that both your resume and cover letter include your updated contact information. If you are selected by an employer for an interview, we invite you to reach out to CCE to arrange for a mock interview by phone/Skype. Please keep a close eye on your emails for updates from CCE about your application status, as these are time-sensitive communications.

Is a work visa required in order to participate in the program?
Yes, selected interns must apply for a work visa for the country of their respective internships.  Although the Center for Career Education will assist students with the application process, interns are fully responsible for completing paperwork and submitting the necessary documentation, as delineated by the regulations of their respective internship countries. 

I am an international student.  Will I be eligible to obtain a work visa? 
International students are eligible to obtain a work visa; however, the requirements may vary from those interns who are U.S. citizens, depending on your country of citizenship and the regulations of the internship country. Valuable information regarding visas and work permits can be found through the Going Global Database.

If I am selected to be an intern, will I have health insurance while I am abroad?
You cannot travel through any of these programs without health insurance. Students with Columbia University's student health insurance are covered while they are overseas.  If you are not enrolled in Columbia Insurance, you should check with your insurance provider whether or not they provide overseas coverage.

In addition, all Columbians who travel abroad for study, research, work projects or other university business, will be entitled to special emergency coverage through International SOS (ISOS).  ISOS provides world-wide assistance in the event of an emergency that requires special evacuation and repatriation services or immediate medical intervention. Membership in the program will be provided at no charge to you. Such services include:

  • pre-trip information on travel health issues
  • emergency message transmission
  • emergency evacuation
  • medically supervised repatriation
  • companion ticket for medical repatriation
  • medical monitoring
  • online travel security information