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SIF Budget Guide


As part of the SIF application, you must submit a budget. Your budget should reflect all expenses related to and necessary for the completion of your internship. Budgeting for your summer experience includes determining your fixed expenses, any miscellaneous expenses and your savings goal. You will need to think carefully about how much you will need for your summer living expenses and how much you should request from SIF. Expenses cannot exceed $5,000.

Budget Item

Consider the Following:


Is housing provided as part of your internship? Will you be living at home? If either of these options applies to you, please mention this in your budget. If you need to find housing, what are the options available? Are you willing to live with a roommate? Can you find housing near your workplace and save on commuting costs? Housing can account for a substantial portion of your summer budget so consider various options. Also, check out CCE's guide to housing resources.


Think about your eating habits and what you can afford. Eating out for three meals a day can be expensive. Stocking up on groceries and snacks can help you save on food expenses. Also, research typical food expenses in your internship city to get a sense of how much you will need to set aside.

Total Recurring Travel Costs

This budget item refers to commuting expenses. For example, a monthly Metrocard, train fare or gas if you will be driving.

Total One-time Travel Costs

This budget item refers to expenses incurred to get to your internship destination. For example, airfare, train fare, bus fare or gas to drive from New York City or your home state to your internship destination.

Other Expenses

Take time to think of any business related expenses necessary for your summer internship. Do you need immunizations if you are traveling to certain areas? Will you need to apply for and receive a visa to enter a foreign country? The SIF committee will only consider business expenses necessary for your internship, so personal and miscellaneous expenses should not be included.