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The Charles E. Scheidt Internship Fund FAQ


Does my internship have to be at a non-profit? 

The opportunity must be at a non-profit or non-governmental organization that is engaged in the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities. 

I need to confirm acceptance to my internship program prior to the deadline. Can the Scheidt Fund Committee review my application early?

Regrettably, we cannot review your application prior to the deadline. All applications are reviewed collectively by a committee who meets after the application deadline. It would not be possible to convene the committee to review your application in isolation. The timeline for the application is based on internship deadlines for the majority of students. 

Can I apply to both this fund and the Work Exemption Program?

Yes. Eligible students are encouraged to apply to both programs.

My internship provides a modest stipend. Am I eligible to apply to the Scheidt Fund?

Yes. The committee will consider funding students with low paid internships. "Low paid" is defined by being less than minimum wage. If the internship meets this requirement, we suggest that you submit an application so the committee can review your materials and make a decision.

If I apply to the Work Exemption Program, do I need to submit a separate application for this fund? Can I use the same materials?

You must submit individual applications to each program. It is advisable to tailor your personal statement to each program (i.e. for the WEP personal statement, don’t say how much you could benefit from a Scheidt award). They are separate programs with separate committees.

How competitive is this program?

It is selective and funding is limited. Interested students are encouraged to submit a strong, well-written personal statement that clearly articulates the internship and their goal in pursuing this opportunity.

Would you recommend submitting a letter of recommendation from a professor or an employer?

Your letter of recommendation should come from the person who knows you best, can speak well of your academic and extracurricular accomplishments and who can comment on your character.

Are there any fellowships that would cover expenses for a winter break and /or spring semester unpaid internship?

Eligible students can apply to the Work Exemption Program for financial support of a spring semester unpaid internship, research opportunity or community outreach project. The Fellowships Office also has a comprehensive database of opportunities and their staff are available to meet with students.

Are there additional funding sources available to supplement the Scheidt award?

Yes, there are numerous fellowships and grants available to fund summer opportunities. The CCE website has a listing of selected funding opportunities. The Fellowships Office also has a comprehensive database of opportunities and their staff are available to meet with students. Students could also reach out to professors, departmental administrators and teaching assistants to learn of fellowships and/or awards in their field of study.