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Designing Your Own Program/Conducting Research


Aoife MacMahon, CC 2014, documents her internship experience at the New York Psychiatric Institute.  The video highlights research, while at the same time effectively adding music throughout the visual experience.

Designing Your Own Program

Some students may be interested in working on a project or with a specific population of special interest to them.  Designing your own program is certainly an option if you have sufficient time for planning and implementation as well as the creativity and dedication required to see a project through from start to finish.  By developing a clearly defined project, a funding source, and a network of support (personal as well as institutional), you may have the unique opportunity to dedicate a year or more of your time to a personally-selected project of your own design. 

Where to Find Research Opportunities:

  • For research in a particular discipline, some Columbia faculty members complete research with colleagues abroad.  Speak with faculty directly regarding any international research interests you have and ways for you to support their work. You may also ask your professors and advisors for referrals and recommendation letters, if necessary.
  • Many professional societies offer scholarships for undergraduate/graduate research. Ask your advisor about opportunities.
  • Connect with the Office of Fellowships to learn more about structured scholarships or fellowship opportunities. 
  • Find research opportunities and funds with one of several undergraduate research scholarships.
  • Check out some of the research institutes and centers on campus for various research opportunities.  
  • Review some of the suggested law/health related research opportunities posted on the Pre-Professional Advising office website.
  • Review CCE’s International Opportunities page for additional Columbia-specific resources.

More Information: