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Science Technology Engineering Program (STEP)



Program Overview

The Science, Technology, Engineering Program (STEP) enables students to connect with a Columbia alumni mentor, receive additional career support and build a network of students working in the STEM fields in parallel with a summer internship experience. Students can apply to a designated CCESTEP position on LionSHARE or secure their own opportunity as an Opt-in applicant to enjoy all programmatic STEP benefits.

Program Features

STEP Participants will receive the following benefits throughout his or her summer internship:

  • Optional Mock Interviews with CCE counselors to prepare students for a formal interview process
  • Pre-Program Training which includes pre-program overview, internship guidance, goal setting and more
  • Build Your Network with fellow STEP students and alumni
  • Summer Internship June 2016- August 2015 (dates to be finalized and determined based on employer requirements and needs)
  • Alumni Mentoring which will provide personal and professional guidance and support throughout the summer 
  • End of Program "Reflection Session" which includes learning how to further translate the internship on a resume, cover letter and in an interview.  In addition, the session will focus on furthering your career exploration as it relates to the internship experience

Program Benefits

Upon completion of STEP, students will have gained substantive work experience and developed key professional and practical skills. Students will have had opportunities to network with professionals and Columbia alumni. With the support of a career counselor, students will also be able to reflect upon their internship and articulate their experiences to highlight key transferable skills.

How To Apply

Secure Your Own Experience (Opt-In) and apply to be a STEP Participant:

  • Did you accept a science, technology or engineering experience for the summer?  Congrats!  Once you secure your own experience for the summer, you are eligible to apply as an Opt-in STEP participant.  As an Opt-in STEP participant, you will receive all STEP benefits upon acceptance of the Opt-in STEP documents.
  • The application deadline is March 26, 2017. Space is limited. Apply Now!

Information Sessions

Friday, December 9, 2016

3:00 - 4:00 pm

CCE Conference Room

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    Student Experiences

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    Program Contacts

    If you have questions about STEP, please feel free to contact:

    Pete Bridge
    Assistant Director, Experiential Education

    Caitlin Graci
    Assistant Director, Experiential Education 


    Important Information for Students Planning Overseas Opportunities

    In accordance with the new Undergraduate International Travel Policy all students* traveling overseas through a Columbia led, Columbia facilitated and/or recognized program must submit a school sponsorship application 4-weeks prior to departure. Please note that you should begin your school sponsorship application once your international experience has been confirmed but no later than April 12th.

    Once you have received confirmation of your school sponsorship, log in to the Undergraduate Travel Web App to complete:

    • Online Pre-Departure Orientation
    • Sign the Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Release form

    Additionally, all students must:

    • Register your travel (including side trips) through International SOS
    • Confirm that, while abroad, you will be covered by a health insurance policy that also provides coverage outside the United States for routine, urgent and emergency care.

    It is critical that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the Undergraduate International Travel Policy and complete all steps outlined above. For related questions, contact


    *Graduate students participating in a Columbia led, Columbia facilitated and/or recognized program such as STEP are also required to complete a school sponsorship application. This policy does not replace any additional requirements from a student’s home school. Graduate students, including Columbia Engineering graduate students, are encouraged to check in with their home school prior to finalizing any travel arrangements.

    ** Students applying to CCE funding programs with overseas opportunities MUST apply for school sponsorship by April 12th (the funding program application deadline). Submitting a school sponsorship application does not guarantee CCE funding. Similarly receiving CCE funding does not guarantee approval of your school sponsorship application. Please note that school sponsorship applications related to CCE funding programs will not be approved unless the student receives a CCE funding award. Students who submit a school sponsorship application and do not receive a CCE funding award must withdraw their school sponsorship application unless they are also part of the CEO, STEP, or CU GO programs. In those cases, sponsorship applications should not be withdrawn.