SCCEN Ambassador Application Process


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***DEADLINE EXTENSION: Please note that we will be accepting applications for
the SCCEN Ambassador role for the BOSTON NETWORK ONLY until this Sunday, March
8th. The application period has now closed for our other SCCEN cities.***.

We’re looking for current Columbia students to serve as SCCEN Ambassadors in each of our four SCCEN cities—Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Ambassadors will serve as the leaders of their city’s Summer CCE Network, working with the local Columbia Alumni Club and CCE to plan fun career-related and recreational activities that will allow you and your fellow students to explore the city, get to know each other, and expand your Columbia and professional communities outside of New York.

Why apply to be a SCCEN Ambassador?

It’s a great opportunity to display and build your leadership skills.

Employers and graduate schools are always looking for applicants with proven leadership skills. Serving as an Ambassador will allow you to develop these skills by:

  • Recruiting members and building your city’s network
  • Creating and promoting activities
  • Managing a budget
  • Building relationships with Columbia alumni in your city
  • Serving as the “go-to person” for your network


It forces you to get to know and explore your home for the summer.

Whether you’re a native or just there for the summer, being an Ambassador means that you won’t spend all of your time in either your internship or your apartment. You will actually take advantage of what your city has to offer, develop professionally as you plan both career-related and recreational events and you’ll have your network there to explore with you.


It will help you establish yourself in your city.

Especially if you’re planning to live in your SCCEN city after graduation, the alumni connections and familiarity with the city you’ll develop will give you a leg up when you return.


It’s an easy way to build your Columbia network.

As an Ambassador, you will be assigned a Columbia alumni mentor and will connect with the local Alumni Club. On campus or off, the Columbia network is a powerful thing. Whether you consider yourself an extrovert for whom “networking” comes naturally, or an introvert who shudders at the mere sound of the word, you will instantly build your network of Columbia students and alumni because, well, it’s kind of your job.


You’ll get paid!

On top of your internship or job salary, you’ll receive a $500 stipend for your work as an Ambassador. (This is separate from your activities budget for the summer.)


Eligibility & Requirements of SCCEN Ambassadors

  • Must be currently enrolled full-time in CC, SEAS, GS, GSAS, SCE, SOA, or GSAPP as of Summer 2015 (Spring 2015 graduates not eligible)
  • Live & work in Boston, L.A., San Francisco, or Washington DC area during Summer 2015
  • Must attend two training/team-building activities at CCE (both in April) and the network kick-off event in early May.
  • Must work with local Alumni Club and CCE staff to plan welcome event in your city at beginning of summer
  • Must plan at least three additional events for network members throughout the summer
  • Must participate in CCE reflection session at end of summer
  • Must document SCCEN experiences throughout summer (e.g. blog, photos, video)
  • Must be dedicated to recruiting members to the network and planning activities that will help students experience the city, develop professionally, and have fun! 
  • Please note, by submitting an application, you authorize the Center for Career Education to conduct academic, disciplinary and financial aid checks to confirm program eligibility and inform funding decisions. Certain University policy violations may disqualify you from consideration for the SCCEN program.


How to apply

  1. Search for job/internship opportunities in your SCCEN city on LionSHARE (search by city name) or through other resources.
  2. Complete this application, which includes information on your summer plans and a few short answer questions.
  3. Submit the completed application (from step #2) along with your resume and unofficial transcript to LionSHARE, and apply for the SCCEN Ambassador position on LionSHARE. (Search “SCCEN” as a keyword, or type in Job ID "169185" to find it.)


    SCCEN Timeline


    Application deadline for Ambassadors - March 1, 2015

    ***DEADLINE EXTENSION: Please note that we will be accepting applications for
    the SCCEN Ambassador role for the BOSTON NETWORK ONLY until this Sunday, March
    8th. The application period has now closed for our other SCCEN cities.***

    Selected applicants interviewed by CCE staff - March 2-13, 2015

    SCCEN Ambassador Training – Part 1 (2-4pm, CCE Conference Room) - April 10, 2015

    SCCEN Ambassador Training #2 (2-4pm, CCE Conference Room) - April 17, 2015

    Ambassadors recruit SCCEN members for their city, start planning summer activities - Late March - Early May 2015

    Pre-departure Kick-Off Event with CCE for all students in the 2015 Summer CCE Network (5-7pm, CCE Conference Room) - April 30, 2015

    Internship period, Summer CCE Network activities organized by Ambassadors - May-August 2015