Find a Job or Internship

Find a Job or Internship


Your Role in the Internship or Job Search

Regardless of your academic year or previous experience, there are steps to finding a job or internship, and resources and support frameworks available to you to make an informed career choice. Be proactive and prepared!

Conduct Industry Research and Find Internships and Jobs

It is important to gain a thorough understanding of the process companies and industries follow in recruiting their new employees. Conduct your research by participating in employer presentations on-campus, employer site visits, career fairs and networking events. Also, regularly review LionSHARE and CCE's online resources, through which you can further identify options and learn about job functions, hiring cycles, and experience and skills valued by employers.

Link Your Interests to Careers

Gain an awareness of what you want to do and skills you can contribute and make a plan to achieve your goals.  

Develop Application Materials, your Online Brand, and Interviewing Skills

To find a job or internship, you will submit resumes and cover letters and, with these documents, convince employers to interview you. You also will use social media to create and maintain your "brand". With research, preparation, and practice, you can demonstrate that you are the right candidate for the position in your written materials, your online presence, and in person.

Connect with Alumni and Professionals

Networking and informational interviewing are essential tools in your career exploration and job or internship search process. Speaking with people in your fields of interest provides opportunities to gain "inside information" on industry trends, organizational culture, skills required for success, and unadvertised vacancies. This information also adds to your competitiveness as a candidate for positions.