Deciding what to do after you finish your advanced degree? Consider management consulting and McKinsey. We bring together an outstanding group of colleagues, from a wide variety of backgrounds from medicine to law, engineering, economics and digital  to help leading organizations tackle their most complex challenges. We have long been a leader in strategic management; the amount of work we are doing in areas such as data science, software engineering, machine learning, corporate restructuring, and change management is growing rapidly.

As our firm evolves, we are looking for more and more people like you  experts in their fields to join our community. At McKinsey, you’ll find a home in one of our 110+ offices around the world. You may work in any one of 22 sectors  from high tech to healthcare  and/or 12 business functions from marketing & sales to analytics or sustainability  serving clients in all sectors. You may continue to dive deep into your existing area of expertise or explore new subjects. You’ll put your hypothesis-based problem-solving skills to use while receiving the mentorship and support you need to succeed. No matter your educational background or interests, you will shape a career that fits your calling.


We welcome you to learn more about exciting programs and roles available to you at McKinsey. Join us this summer for virtual events to meet our people and explore these opportunities. Our full-time APD Associate and MD Fellow application deadline for 2018 start dates is July 17.