What do crafting a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview responses have in common? They are all you telling a story about your experience — to a specific audience, for a specific opportunity.

In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies and tips to tailor and convey your authentic professional narrative to employers, alumni, and industry professionals.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Help the reader understand the connections across your experiences
  • Work backwards from the position to identify relevant skills and qualities to integrate into your story
  • Showcase soft and hard skills in action
  • Translate and adapt your story to different forms and audiences
  • Prioritize what to include and what to leave out


We will support you through an interactive exercise. Please bring your resume/CV with you in whatever state of completeness it is!

Design Your Next Steps (DYNS) is a series of career design events that will help you learn strategic frameworks and practical steps for effective engagement with employers, internship and job search prep and skills, and well-being throughout your journey. Find upcoming events at careereducation.columbia.edu/DYNS-events!