Centerview Partners is a leading independent investment banking and advisory firm. The firm provides advice on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructurings, valuation, and capital structure to companies, institutions and governments. We pride ourselves on providing an environment perfectly-suited to nourishing and developing talent. Upon joining the firm, Summer Analysts receive training from senior bankers, followed by on-the-job learning and experience working on live projects in client-facing situations. As a result, they quickly develop the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct financial analysis and assist with day-to-day M&A execution.

The Summer Analyst Experience at Centerview:
Centerview Partners is seeking a select group of ambitious and passionate young professionals for our 2018 Summer Analyst Investment Banking program. We provide a ten-week comprehensive program that includes a full week of training followed by nine weeks as a generalist Summer Analyst. We aim to provide a rewarding, client-facing experience on both active M&A assignments and strategic advisory projects. To facilitate a well-rounded experience, each Summer Analyst is assigned both a junior and senior banker mentor and the firm organizes continuing education programs taught by firm advisors and senior partners throughout the summer.

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Audience: Undergraduate Junior Students
Dress Code: business casual
Do you sponsor work visas? Yes