Seniors, are you stepping towards success in your job search?

October 31, 2013

Where are you in your post-graduation job search? Read below for some tips and resources for success no matter at what stage you are in the process.

One-Day Excel Skills and Programming Workshop

December 03, 2012

Workshop on the studies of Visual Basic programming and its integration into the Excel interface and functions, aimed for students interested in analytical careers.

Draw Until Gone

There are 10 fruits in a basket: 4 apples, 6 oranges. You randomly take a fruit out of the basket on each turn (without replacement) until either all of the apples or all of the oranges are gone.A) What is the probability that the last fruit drawn is an apple?B) Suppose 90 pineapples are introduced to the fruit basket and you play the same game. What now is the probability that the last fruit drawn is an apple?

Clock Angle

A) It’s 2:10. What’s the degree (if any) in the angle between the hour and minute hand?B) What is the first time after 3PM when the hour and minute hands of a clock are exactly on top of each other?C) How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?

Exact Shopping

You must buy 100 books for exactly $100, and purchase them from each of the three bookstores. At Bookstore 1, you can buy 20 books for $1. At Bookstore 2, you can buy one book for $1. At Bookstore 3, one book costs $5. How many books do you buy from each bookstore?

Defected Egg

You have 12 eggs, with one defective that may be heavier orlighter than the rest. You are given a double-beam balance that only shows you which side is heavier. What is the least number of weighing that you need to perform on the balance to determine which of the egg is defective, and whether or not it’s heavier or lighter than the rest?


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