The field of biotechnology joins advanced technology and biology for the improvement of organisms including agriculture, combating rare diseases, and pharmaceuticals. The field primarily focuses on applying the principles of biology to the development of products to improve lives and the planet through innovation. Many of those that are within the industry possess an undergraduate degree in the life sciences.

The field of biotechnology includes a large emphasis on cell biology, chemistry, genetics and the specific sciences. Some popular professions within the field of biotechnology include biomedical engineering, quality control engineer, research scientist, biochemist, biophysicist, and clinical research analysts.  If you have an innovative and creative spirit, and desire to adjoin technological advance to biological principles to make a profound and direct impact on our world, this field may be the correct pathway. 

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There are numerous career outlets in which biotechnology can be applied. Often, biotechnology careers take place within research, clinical and medical settings. Career paths as either a research or laboratory technician working on discovery research and grant proposals, or a biotechnologist within pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial or biology related fields are amongst the more common. Other biotechnology job areas include research and development, production and manufacturing and quality assurance and regulation. Some specific career paths within biotechnology can include biochemists, bio technicians, biomedical engineers, microbiologists, epidemiologists, and research and development scientists.

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  • LionSHARE: Biotechnology employers that have posted positions in the past include Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Canfield Scientific, D.E. Shaw Research, Marine Polymer Technologies, Osiris Therapeutics, Gilead Sciences and Enzo Life Sciences.
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  • National Science Foundation — Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): NSF created Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) to promote the advancement of research and give college students opportunities to inform their research interests. Upon gaining acceptance to these research positions, a generous stipend, housing accommodations and living arrangements are provided while attending the program. These research experiences take place during summer and can range anywhere from between 4-12 weeks. Application deadlines for these competitive research experiences are typically from February to March.

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