You are probably already familiar with many social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but did you know that social media is one of the fastest growing fields in the digital industry? Many companies are embracing social media as a way to communicate with their customer base, as advertising revenues also make it an increasingly lucrative field. Companies are hiring social media staff to navigate this new field and to communicate with existing and potential customers and clients. Like PR, social media professionals also use their platform to enhance the public image of their company, or to respond to negative press.

Social Media Job Search

Working in a social media position might involve creating online content and building websites, engaging in media campaigns, or producing the technical or design aspects of a company’s online presence. Typical positions in this field include Social Media Analysts, Strategists, Account Executives, Coordinators, and Marketing Managers, all of whom implement social media strategy, manage various social media accounts and create content, and analyze the effectiveness of the social media brand.
Using social media sites to present yourself and make or strengthen networking connections is an important first step to working in this field. Create a professional blog, join company and industry groups on LinkedIn, follow organizations on Twitter that interest you and to begin networking with recruiters and those already working in the field. Many companies advertise their social media openings on their social media platforms. In addition to taking on an internship, you might want to manage the social media presence of an on campus group of which you are a member. An astonishing number of jobs and internships are found through referrals, so don’t underestimate the power of networking. Check out our calendar for upcoming networking events.

Columbia Resources

  • See a list of our online resources for Using Social Media for the Job Hunt, including tipsheets and webinars.
  • LionSHARE: Thousands of positions are posted on LionSHARE every year. Some recent employers who have recruited for social media positions include Able Social Media and Collective Media Consultants.
  • CCE Career Fairs: Our Undergraduate Career Fair and Spring Career Fair include organizations  from many industries including media, marketing, advertising, and consumer packaged goods. Recent employers who have recruited for social and new media positions include Havas Media and Gawker Media Group. 
  • Vault and WetFeet Guides: We subscribe to Vault and WetFeet, which offer profiles of industries, companies, and careers, such as Vault’s Career Guide to the Internet and Social Media.

External Resources

Job Boards

Professional Associations

  • Digital Media Association: This organization represents members of the digital media industry, including webcasters, online media, digital services, and technology innovators, as an advocate for a stable legal environment in which to build ideas into industries, and inventions into profits.
  • Society of Internet Professionals: The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) is a non-profit, membership based organization representing the interest of internet professionals.