Journalists create content that informs, inspires, and educates. They work in

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If you are highly independent and creative, seeking a career in which every day is different, journalism may be the path for you. The very nature of newsgathering puts you in contact with an array of interesting people, and you are always presented with the opportunity to learn.

In some cases, there can be quite a bit of travel in covering stories, particularly as you gain experience. While it’s an exciting career, there can be some challenges depending on your values. Most media sectors offer low pay to start, but over time there are opportunities for financial success. Every day might be different, but that also means the hours are irregular and work/life balance can be challenging.

Journalism Job Search

Most people in journalism find work through networking. A resume and cover letter aren’t always enough to land an interview. Applications will often require writing samples and/or a portfolio of work. In the case of television or radio news, a demo tape is required for those interested in on-air positions. Some organizations will also conduct writing tests as part of the interview process.

Many news organizations operate under tight budgets and don’t offer extensive training programs, so it is very important to bring some experience to the table. Many newspaper, radio stations, magazines and websites have internship programs. Campus media is a great place to get your start and to build clips/samples of your work.

While many news outlets fill openings on an as-needed basis, some larger organizations will have formal programs for which they hire early. For example, The New York Times hires for full time entry level jobs and summer internships in the fall semester. Fox Networks Group has an apprenticeship program that recruits in October for May graduates.

Columbia Resources

  • LionSHARE: Media outlets that have recruited Columbia candidates include Dow Jones, The New York Times, Univision, CNBC, Fox, and the New York Observer.
  • CCE Career Fairs: Our Undergraduate Career Fair and Spring Career Fair include organizations from industries including media. Media employers that have attended in previous years include The Huffington Post, Essence, and Thompson Reuters.
  • Vault and WetFeet Career Guides: We subscribe to Vault and Wetfeet, which offer insider profiles of industries, companies, and career paths. Check out the Vault Career Guide to Journalism and Information Media.
  • Columbia Journalism School : View publicly-available career resources on the career services website, and attend events and lectures sponsored by the school.
  • Student Media: Join student media outlets such as the Columbia Daily Spectator and The Blue and White to build experience.

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