Meet our team of career counselors

We are specialized by undergraduate, graduate student, or alumni and work with all fields of interest. You can meet with the same career counselor, or have a variety of perspectives from different career counselors. You are welcome to request a career counselor by name when you make an appointment. 

Schedule an Appointment

You asked, we listened. We now offer online scheduling of counseling appointments through LionSHARE. To book a one-to-one appointment in-person, via phone, or skype from your profile page, click on “Career Center” on the top navigation, then on “Appointments”.

If you have any questions, you can call us at (212) 854-5609 or email

Booked an appointment and can’t make it? You can request a cancelation of the appointment you booked through LionShare. This allows us to open that appointment slot up for another student or alum to meet with a counselor.

Benefits of working with us

 We look forward to working with you to design your next steps!



  • learn how to enhance your internship and job application materials and develop a plan for your search
  • learn about recruitment timelines and practices
  • get ready for employer and alumni event, interviews and networking conversations, and negotiations
  • advance your knowledge of working in a professional environment, workplace etiquette, and navigating workplace issues


  • develop your network with Columbia alumni and employers
  • learn how to effectively outreach to alumni and employers and how to maintain relationships


  • find internships and jobs through LionSHARE, our internship and job board, and other resources and events
  • learn about our domestic and international internship programs, mentorship programs, and funding programs