Alumni Career Services Webinar Series



Alumni Career Services Webinar Series

The ACS Webinar Series features professionals with expertise on various career and professional development topics, ranging from preparing your job search materials to improving your networking skills and everything in between. See below for a complete listing of this upcoming semester's webinars, as well as information on the speakers, dates, and times. Can’t make a season? All webinars are recorded and made available on the CCE Webinar & Video Library

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Fall 2016 Webinar Descriptions

Times:  1:00pm-1:45pm  (30 minute sessions with 15 minutes Q&A)


Wednesday, August 24: Job Search for New Professionals

Speaker: Caitlin Graci, Assistant Director, Experiential Education, Columbia University Center for Career Education

Searching for a job is a process and at times can be a difficult one to manage. The job search involves reflection, research, planning, writing, and building connections. Join this webinar to learn about effective strategies for new professionals who are on the hunt for a job! 


Wednesday, September 7: How to Perfect Your Professional Narrative

Speaker: Carrie Pennoni, Associate Director, Alumni Career Services, Columbia University Center for Career Education

What’s your story? Conveying your professional narrative and addressing questions that you may be unfamiliar with can be an overwhelming part of the interview process. Attend this webinar and learn how to conquer the challenges of the interview allowing you to effectively share your story and craft strategic responses highlighting your transferable skills and background.  


Wednesday, September 14: Define Your Target: How to Conduct Industry Research for Your Job Search 

Speaker: Rose Sterling, Director, Alumni Career Services, Columbia University Center for Career Education

The first step of a successful job search starts with knowing yourself and your target market. Target-specific job searching keeps us focused, organized, and helps us define what it is we want to “sell” to our audience. This webinar will share Columbia online resources to help you research industries, companies and job vacancies relevant to you. Pre-recorded from 09/2/15, LIVE 15 minutes of Q&A)


Wednesday, September 21: The Informational Interview: How To Build Contacts And Gain Industry Knowledge

Speaker: Rose Sterling, Director, Alumni Career Services, Columbia University Center for Career Education

The "informational interview" – what exactly is it? This webinar will provide an overview of this well-known and reliable career research/ networking practice. If you are currently attempting to learn more about a career, or simply looking to build networking contacts, this session is perfect for you. Hear how to conduct professional outreach including common questions/topics via simulated conversation, as well as best practices for correspondence etiquette.Pre-recorded from 02/25/15 , LIVE 15 minutes of Q&A)


Wednesday, October 5: Strategies and Secrets of Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Speaker: Christine Souffrant, Founder of Vendedy | Director of StartupGrind Dubai 

While many cite the lack of female entrepreneurs in tech, it should be duly noted that there are also countless examples of women launching and scaling amazing companies. What are their tactics? How did they face gender adversity and how did they leverage it? This webinar is a candid crash course boot camp on startup development for female entrepreneurs who want to navigate the startup ecosystem effectively. In this 1-hour webinar, we power through proven strategies for marketing, fundraising and leadership that top female entrepreneurs have leveraged to launch and scale their companies. The 4 key areas we will cover are: 

Fundraising 101- Pitching and fundraising to VCs, Angels and Competition judges.

Marketing & Business Development 101- How to leverage female-focused initiatives to accelerate your startup and brand.

Leadership 101-How to lead a team and excel in operational and business development. 

Gender Crucial Conversations: Family planning, biases, and mental toughness. 


Wednesday, October 19: How to Navigate Your Network and Get Results 

Speaker: Rose Sterling, Director, Alumni Career Services, Columbia University Center for Career Education

Most of what you need when it comes to your next career move is already within your circle of connections. While networking events are great places to build new connections and find potential opportunities, your first degree connections are a great place to start with beforehand. To learn how to effectively maintain and leverage your immediate and newly established connections, register to attend this webinar. 


Times:  1:00pm-2:00pm  (45 minute sessions with 15 minutes Q&A)

Wednesday, November 2: D.R.E.A.M - 5 Simple Steps to Your Dream Career

Speaker: Ralph Nader 

This webinar will outline effective strategies designed to navigate the daunting world of career development or transition. Presented by a  seasoned Talent Acquisition & Recruiting professional, participants will gain a unique insight of the recruiting process and a behind-the-scenes look at how HR professionals and hiring managers perceive applicants. This webinar will also touch on creating an effective networking strategy as well as creating a relevant profile. Attendees will walk away with the basic tools that they will need to create an actionable and efficient career strategy.


Wednesday, November 9: Career Gaps, 'You're Overqualified', and Ageism: Difficult Conversations in Career Re-entry

Speaker: Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of iRelaunch

Are you planning a reentry to the workforce after being on a career break for an extended period of time? Then you likely understand that navigating the networking and interviewing process is entirely different than the standard job search.
The pain points for returning professionals when interviewing or simply interacting with practitioners in their targeted fields usually center around how to discuss "the gap", and how to deal with veiled references to age, such as "you seem really overqualified for that role."
Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of iRelaunch, and long-time career reentry expert, will discuss recommended language for these kinds of conversations, and will also include discussion of how to suggest an internship or internship-like experience when speaking with a skeptical hiring manager. 


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