Stay connected to Columbia as an alumni volunteer.

As an experienced career professional, you can provide students with invaluable insights into industries, organizations, job search skills, or strategies to manage career and relationships in the workplace. 


Duration: Anytime
Location: Anywhere

Champion the hiring of Columbia students and graduates at your organization. 

Alumni understand the unique value of the Columbia experience. You can play a critical role in establishing employer relationships with CCE. Support hiring Columbians! Post a job or internship opportunity, or host a site visit or employer information session.

Consider hiring a student through a CCE Internship Program, through the Navab Fellowship Program over the summer, or the CCE Internships+ Program.

Hire - Alumni


Duration: Anytime
Location: Anywhere

Join our Columbia Career Connections LinkedIn Group. The group connects students and alumni under the umbrella of career exploration, informational interviews, and job search support.

Share your story on our Alumni Profiles page. This page provides an opportunity for students to learn from the advice and career paths of alumni willing to offer guidance.


Duration: 1 session
Location: New York City and Virtual

Share your story over during a Networking From Home event with a panel of peers. Throughout the year, we host industry-themed or identity-focused panels combined with Q&A session. Students interact with alumni from different career fields or shared identity groups in a virtual format. This is an ideal setting for students to advance their career exploration and ask questions about specific industries and organizations.

Speak - Alumni


Duration: 1–3 evenings per semester
Location: New York City

Conduct interviews through our alumni practice interview program. Help students prepare for upcoming interviews by providing critical feedback on behavioral and general questions like “Tell me about yourself.” We particularly encourage you to participate if you’ve ever played the role of recruiter or hired in your organization.



Duration: 23 meetings over summer
Location: Anywhere

Offer mentorship to a student participating in one of our CCE-sponsored summer internship programs. Alumni mentors provide personal and professional guidance to support students’ career development. Explore the student’s career goals, discuss industry trends, or share cultural insights into your global location. Ideally, mentors meet with students in person, but you can also meet via phone or virtually. Check out our CCE Alumni Mentorship Handbook Summer 2021 resource to support you with this program!

HK Alumni


Duration: 2–4 days over spring break
Location: New York City

Provide a shadowing opportunity for a first-year student at your organization. The Columbia Exploration Externship (CEE) program provides students early in their college career an immersive experience in the professional world. The student can tour the office, learn about career paths at your organization, and observe team and client meetings. If you would like to host an extern, please complete our brief CEE Host Form and we will be in touch with additional information.

Bloomberg Site Visit

For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact our Employer and Alumni Relations team at