Finding a Job - On-Campus Jobs

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There are two types of on-campus employment: federal work-study positions and casual positions. Federal work-study positions are only available to US citizens who have received a work-study allocation in their financial aid packages. If you are unsure about your eligibility for work-study, contact the Financial Aid Office. Casual positions are open to any Columbia student, regardless of financial aid package or citizenship.

The websites and contact information for some on-campus employers are listed below. After formally applying for opportunities, remember to follow up with the employer to confirm the receipt of your application. If you don't see advertised positions at the office where you want to work, introduce yourself to the employer and express interest in future openings.  

If you need help with application materials, counselors at the Center for Career Education are available during walk-in hours (Mon.-Fri. 1pm-4pm) or by scheduled appointments.  

Resources for Federal Work-Study Positions

Resources for Casual On-Campus Employment


Academic/Administrative Offices

Columbia Student Enterprises

The mission of Columbia Student Enterprises is to provide students with a unique opportunity to cultivate and develop transferable entrepreneurship and enterprise management skills through developing, managing, and working for student-run businesses.  Currently, the Columbia Bartending Agency is an active Columbia Student Enterprise that has opportunities for student employment, after completion of mixology classes and being accepted into the agency.

  1. C.U. Bartending Agency: The Columbia Bartending Agency offers mixology classes. Contact: