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A job interview can be an incredibly stressful experience. However, with the right amount of preparation, research and practice, it can be a great opportunity for you. You should treat an interview as simply an exchange of information between two or more people for the purpose of communicating one's qualifications for a job. Sound too easy? If you take the right steps, it really can be! When you have done some research, be sure to set up a career counseling appointment for a practice interview. Counselors can also help prepare you for answering tough questions in an interview and help coach you on how best to navigate the interview process.  


The Center for Career Education has created some tipsheets on interviewing to provide you with some best practices and tips.

Interview Questions
Engineering: Industry Specific Interview Questions
Interviewing for Experienced Candidates

Second Interview
Academic Interviews
Business Etiquette
Professional Image
Thank You Letters
Researching Organizations

To access tipsheets created by CCE on a wide range of career-related topics, please visit our tipsheet library.

CCE Interviewing Guide

Download our 2011 - 2012 Career Planning Guide (Interviewing on pages 50 - 65) for an overview of the interviewing process including preparing for your interview and the second interview.

Webinar: Interview and Get the Job

Online Book: Dress for the Job You Want

Books in the CCE Career Resource Center

The following books (and many more) are currently available in the CCE Career Resource Center. You are welcome to stop by Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm to browse the library collection. Books are available as reference only, but you are welcome to make copies in the CRC.