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Alumni & Parent Internship Fund 2012 Student Blogs


Daniel Horenstein


Daniel Horenstein, CC 2013

Internship: Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory

Daniel is a senior who is majoring in astronomy. This summer, he is working with a professor at the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory to find the first stars that formed in the universe more than 10 billion years ago. Having worked on this project for almost two years by now, Daniel hopes to use this research as a springboard into graduate school, where he intends to pursue a PhD in astronomy. When he has time outside of his scientific endeavors, Daniel enjoys writing poetry and performing with classical or a cappella vocal groups -- the more experimental the works, the better. Daniel appreciates opportunities to combine his passion for science with his interest in creative communication through scientific community outreach programs, where he can explain to non-scientists why science is so exciting and can say with a straight face that his research goal is to travel 10 billion years into the past -- more or less.

Alumni & Parent Internship Fund 2011 Student Blogs

Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez, CC 2013

Internship: New York City Coalition Against Hunger 

Daniel was born in San Diego, California. He immediately fell in love with Columbia and decided to attend the school even though it meant leaving the West Coast. Daniel is a rising junior in Columbia College. After pursuing economics for two years he has instead decided to major in Urban Studies so as to learn how contemporary municipal problems can best be addressed. The previous summer he interned for the San Diego County Democratic Party and this summer he will be interning for the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. This opportunity will allow him to directly apply his academic studies in a real world environment. Furthermore, he believes it will increase his knowledge of the Morningside Heights community and his responsibility to it. Ever an activist, Daniel is a member of Columbia College Democrats, Columbia’s Roosevelt Institute, and CU UNICEF.

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Benjamin Fogarty


Benjamin Fogarty, CC 2011

Internship: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Benjamin grew up in Palmer, Alaska from ages one to seven, and then moved with his parents and brother to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. He was home-schooled in Alaska and part of the Atitlan Multicultural Academy for High school. Benjamin will be a senior at Columbia University majoring in Anthropology with a concentration in Visual Arts, specifically, photography. Unable to leave home behind, he's returning to conduct ethnographic fieldwork for a senior thesis this summer on Guatemala's secondary education system, and has previously organized and led travel-based short courses designed to orient students interested in pursuing social justice while re-thinking non-profit interventionism, tourism and globalization. He has dedicated this semester to an internship at the Urban Justice Center's Street Vendor Project, organizing for the Latino community and working as the social media campaign specialist. For most of this summer he'll be researching how corruption leads to the deprivation of fundamental human rights in the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in Lahore, Pakistan.