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Summer CCE Network (SCCEN)


  "This summer was a learning and growing experience for me. The most important thing that I have learned is that a huge part of being successful, and more importantly, enriching your life, is fostering relationships with good people."

-Samantha Seto, Summer CCE Network Member 

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Program Overview

The Summer CCE Network (SCCEN) formerly know as the Columbia University Internship Network (CU In) offers undergraduate & graduate students the opportunity to connect with other Columbia students and alumni while living and/or interning for the Summer in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. The Summer CCE Network is truly the place to find your Columbia SCCEN this summer!

Through living and/or interning in these cities and joining SCCEN, you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore a career field through mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Polish your networking and professional skills by connecting with alumni and employers within a global Columbia network
  • Connect with a mentor in a city you may end up living in after graduation
  • Participate in fun activities with fellow Columbia students before and during your summer experience

Program Features

CCE works to find internship opportunities in SCCEN cities--Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. You can apply for these positions through LionShare, or find positions in these cities through your own search. Once you've secured a position, sign up for the network in your city for access to: 

  • An alumni mentor to provide personal and professional guidance and support throughout the summer
  • A built-in community of Columbia students in your city
  • Opportunities to connect to alumni and employers in the area
  • Recommended housing & roommate connections
  • Fun activities around the city planned by Columbia students
  • Several resources, including a SCCEN budget, that will support you in your SCCEN experience.

*While many of the participants of SCEEN will be engaged in internships over the summer, you are still eligible to join the network even if you're not interning but you have an interest in exploring careers through mentorship, networking, and attending industry-related events.*

How to Get Involved

There are two ways for students to be involved in SCCEN:

    • Apply to be a SCCEN AMBASSADOR - 1 or 2 students in each city will be given a $500 stipend as well as a CCE-provided budget, and will work with their city's Columbia Alumni Club to develop activities for the network throughout the summer. ***The application period has now closed for our 2015 SCCEN Ambassador role. Please check back in early Spring 2016 for the next application period***
    • Join the network as a member! - Registration to join the Summer CCE Network is now closed. Please check back in early Spring 2016 for the next registration period.

      To find an internship in a SCCEN city, search by city (or state, which will include surrounding areas) on LionShare, or find a position on your own. Once you know you are going to be living and/or working in a SCEEN city this summer, join the SCCEN Network to be connected to fellow students and alumni in that city. *Please note that SCEEN has networks in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. While some network members will be completing internships, you do not need to be interning to join and participate in the network.

      Meet the 2015 SCCEN Ambassadors!


       Scott Sonnenberg

      Scott Sonnenberg, CC 2018, has lived all his life in Newton, Massachusetts. He is a freshman in the College with an intended major in Mathematics-Economics and a concentration in Art History. Outside of class, he is a seasoned bass clarinetist and currently performs with the Columbia University Wind Ensemble. In addition, Scott loves anything made by hand and teaches traditional woodworking at the Columbia Maker Space. In his free time he loves to make dinner for his family and floormates but more importantly eat. This summer, he is excited to share his love for the city of Boston with his fellow network members.

       Anne Chen

       Anne Chen, CC 2018, hails from sunny southern California. Anne is a prospective Mathematics/Statistics major with a passion for teaching. She is an avid math enthusiast determined to spread interest in the subject among young students. In addition, she is currently a Program Intern at America Needs You and a non-profit development associate at the Columbia Daily Spectator, where she branches out her interests to marketing and fundraising for non-profit causes. In her spare time, she loves to jog, curl up with a book, attempt to bake a cake, collect kitchen utensils, admire her rice cooker, and wonder if food can ever taste good and be good at the same time. This summer, she is excited to foster new bonds with fellow SoCal members of the Columbia community!

       Joshua Sudman

      Joshua Sudman, CC 2017, grew up in Camarillo, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, and is enjoying his Economics-Political Science joint major every day! During his first two years at Columbia, Josh became a part of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Iota Lambda Chapter, Columbia College Student Council Class of 2017, and Rare Candy Music. He loves music and enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, and plans to build his own guitar this summer. Josh has previously worked in both business and legal fields, including an manufacturing internship in Taiwan in the summer of 2014, and a volunteer position for the Ventura County Bar Association Volunteer Legal Services Program.



      Maddy Matthews

      Maddy Mathews, CC 2017, is a proud San Francisco Bay Area native, and may or may not regret her decision to move to New York on those sub-20 degree winter days. She is an American Studies and Business Management major, with a focus on the history of public health. One day she hopes to change American healthcare, but for now, she is involved in the Multicultural Business Association, Design for America, Columbia College Campus Life and Residential Hall Leadership. When she's not running around campus or reading that never-ending CC syllabus, Maddy likes to listen to This American Life, cook Italian food and road trip across the country. She's thrilled to be back in the Bay with fellow Columbians this summer!

      David Medoff

      David Medoff, CC 2017, fought his own way out of the womb during a home birth in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Remnants of the 60's earth children and tech 49er's shaped David's early childhood. It must have been these influences that led him to pursue concentrations in Columbia's Sustainable Development and Economics departments. Accordingly, he has interned at Cleantech Group and Franklin Templeton. In his spare time, he joins his kin to make the Northern Elephant Seal's annual 21,000 Kilometer migration along North America's western coast; he cycles in the Marin Headlands; he manages his public equity portfolio; and he contributes as a junior editor for "Consilience: The Undergraduate Journal for Sustainable Development". David loves his native San Francisco dearly and is extremely excited to foster a welcoming Columbia community there.





       Ned Brose

      Ned Brose, CC 2017, is from near Worcester, Massachusetts, and is very interested in international and comparative politics. In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer and tennis, and singing in the Bach Society. Ned is involved with the Roosevelt Institute on campus, as well as student council, the undergraduate law review, and men's peer education. He is interning this summer for his Congressman, and will be spending next year abroad studying at Oxford.

       Makeda Yohannes

      Makeda Yohannes, CC 2017,  is a Sophomore in Columbia College, majoring in Political Science and American Studies. Originally from the Washington DC area, Makeda has been involved in a myriad of causes and organizations, cementing her interest in public policy and journalism. Through internships in the Office of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, the DC Attorney General's Office, and MSNBC, as well as involvement on campus clubs, she has been fortunate to meet extraordinary people who have furthered her desire to work on the issues that matter, both domestic and abroad, and enact policy changes for the better.


      Statements of Impact

      “As a rising junior, SCEEN was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about the career I hope to pursue post-graduation and meet other Columbia alumni already in that industry. For the past two summers I have been matched with dedicated and successful mentors who have taught me a lot about pre-professional life and industry. I consider their guidance and friendship integral to my future career path. Being a part of the Network made me aware of the Columbia alumni presence throughout the country and alerted me to the immense and diverse group of professionals eager to help Columbia students. If not for SCCEN I would not have been aware of Alumni club and similar resources in the Los Angeles area. The connections and friendships I made through the network are truly invaluable and it is comforting to know these resources exist for Columbia students. As an ambassador in the program I was able to meet many of my peers in a new context and engage with the Columbia community in my home city. It was nice to meet other a non-New York context, in many ways, the network felt like a pre-alumni club. Overall, SCEEN has been an incredibly beneficial experience that I am sure will continue to impact me even after I graduate.” 

      - Miranda Pacheco, CC 2015, Summer CCE Network Ambassador

      "I met students with similar interests with whom I've compared interview and internship notes since we arrive back on campus and in general I feel more connected to the Columbia community after chilling with its summer diaspora. A dinner with a venture capitalist and Columbia alum yielded unconventional advice and a lively discussion that touched on politics, economics, education and technology. I got to know several alumni who are not only working in a city I hope to move to after graduation but are in my specific field of interest, so I feel more confident in my bicoastal professional network as well."

      - Samara Trilling, CC 2015, Summer CCE Network Ambassador

      “I think that I benefitted primarily from the CU In...experience in two ways. The first was direct, in that [as an ambassador] I had the opportunity to conceptualize, organize, and the market events for the CU In community....On the other hand, I think another way that the CU In...experience was helpful from a personal perspective was the heightened opportunity to interact with alumni. I definitely feel like the alumni I met through the program, whether as a direct result of the mentorship matching, or through...alumni who I met by using CU In as a platform, these alumni were great personal connections...In particular, my own mentor for the summer ...had followed a very similar career path to accomplishing milestones in her entrepreneurial pursuits that I looked up to [her] a great deal, and I never would have met her outside of the CU In program.”

      - Kevin Zhang, CC 2014, Summer CCE Network Ambassador

      "Leading the Columbia University Internship Network...was a learning experience and adventure. The Ambassador position provided many opportunities to develop skills in organization, communication, and problem solving. These qualities are highly transferable, and from being a Network Ambassador, I feel confident to take future positions in networking and event planning. My favorite Ambassador activity: connecting students with alumni for dinner or conference calls. The alumni were kind and gracious, and the students were excited to meet...Columbia graduates. Being a CU In Ambassador was a highlight of my summer, and I definitely recommend that students apply for the role!"

      - Andelyn Marie Russell, SEAS 2016, Summer CCE Network Ambassador



      Please attend one information session to learn more about SCCEN as well as other CCE Summer Programs (CCASSIP, CEO, CU GO, and STEP).


      December 2, 2015
      5:00pm - 6:00pm
      Career Resource Center, Center for Career Education
      Register Here

      January 28, 2016
      5:00pm - 6:00pm
      Career Resource Center, Center for Career Education
      Register Here


      Program Contact

      If you have questions about the program, please contact:

      Laura Maltz
      Associate Director, Experiential Education