Branding your Organization


Advertising Your Visit

You can advertise in the student newspaper, The Spectator.  Rates are available online.  Also, you may hire a student to flyer in the residence halls and academic buildings. You may also hire a student temporarily to post flyers for you around campus by posting the opportunity in LionSHARE.

Event Description for Online Calendar - We will also add your event to our events calendar.  Please submit an event description as soon as possible so that we may get the details to our students.  A sample is included below. Send the event description to careereducation@columbia.edu with the subject heading "Employer Name: Event Description" to facilitate the quickest and most accurate posting. Here is the suggested template for the description:

Title of Event:
Type of Event:

Brief Description: Be sure to highlight any significant speakers and discuss what students should expect. What should students be prepared for? Will there be alumni there?

Target Audience: Undergraduates, Masters, and/or PhD students
Registration Information: RSVP through CCE and/or through your website?
Suggested Attire: Business Casual, Business Formal, Casual
Suggested Resources: We can provide links or tips here.

Additional Questions? Contact Information? (Optional) 

Student Organization Contacts

Over 100 student groups/clubs at Columbia University offer organizations an opportunity to make contacts with a targeted group of students. They can serve as a valuable resource to increase your visibility on campus. For a complete listing of student groups/clubs, please see the University's Clubs and Organizations page.

We encourage you to work through the Center for Career Education to coordinate your activity with a student group. To discuss how your organization can work with a student club, please call us at (212) 854-9167.

Employer Relations Consulting Services

Employer Relations works closely with potential employers to simplify and maximize their recruitment efforts by:

  • Consulting with organizations to understand their immediate and future hiring needs
  • Developing targeted recruitment strategies
  • Providing a variety of effective promotional resources
  • Offering user-friendly online recruitment management tools

To streamline and maximize your recruiting at Columbia University, contact The Center for Career Education directly.

Employer and Alumni Relations Team:

Courtney Como, Executive Director, Employer and Alumni Relations
Patrick Smith, Senior Associate Director, Employer Outreach
Emily Newman, Senior Associate Director, On-Campus Recruiting
Vernon Gibbs, II, Associate Director, Alumni Outreach
Jeanine Daley, Program Coordinator, On-Campus Recruiting
Ashley Kera, Program Coordinator, On-Campus Recruiting

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